Vice Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents,

As a parent our prime concern is about our child’s happiness. Happy children learn with motivation and at ‘Cradle to Crayons’ we want to make experiences not only enthusiastic and learner centric but also lifelong….

In earlier times there were open spaces and family members to care for the little children. With a shift in the environment and society and an increase in nuclear family systems, our children do not enjoy the kind of experiences, safety and adventure, we may have enjoyed as children.

In order to cater to the developmental needs of our children we have created a sensorial room and play area that shall bring forth their adventurous spirit and synchronize their body and mind while working on their common sense.

‘Journey of a Thousand miles begins with the first step’

So be assured of your first step in the right direction.

Here’s wishing you the very best.

Ankit Goel


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