Age: 1.9 – 2.5 years
Summer Timing: 09.00 hrs. to 12:00 hrs.
Winter Timing: 09:30hrs. to 12:30 hrs.
Ability focus: Self expression
Listening and following instructions
Singing songs and reciting poems
Adapting to new surrounding
Building internal vocabulary
The toddler program is designed for children from one and a half to two and a half years old. The conducive environment prevalent in school is right for the child’s motor and sensorial exploration. The focus is on encouraging the child towards independence and building of self-esteem. The skills to be focussed on are auditory perception (listening), Oratorical skills (speaking), Visual perception and gross and fine motor skills.

A Day at CRADLE TO CRAYONS for the Toddlers

At a tender age of approximate 2 years. the toddler group starts their day with a healthy breakfast. The objective is to enable independence and work on the eye hand co-ordination. A simple ‘Thank you ‘ prayer shall be said in class. Some children eat better among peers and influence each others’ eating habits. Hygiene is an important part of the learning and shall be given attention to throughout the day. During snack time children learn to express themselves in monosyllables like “more”, “no”, “don’t want”, “water”, “Tasty”, “ I like”

This time gives an opportunity to the teachers to introduce and practice table manners, discuss about healthy and unhealthy food groups, and teach basic polite words like use of “Excuse Me”, “ Please” , “Thank You”.

Post breakfast they shall explore the sensorial room. Working on the equipment children learn to balance and align their movements to the brain signals. This exercise builds common sense in children.

Children are naturally curious and learn best in an engaging environment, they shall be exposed to various concepts through an element of surprise. A variety of related concepts shall be introduced in class enriching vocabulary, communication skills , building logic, reasoning and thinking abilities. Our curriculum is based on the philosophy of old values and is connected to the present day best practices to explore concepts and make real life connections.

Skills to listen, understand, think and apply shall be rooted in our methodology.

Our teachers shall revisit similar concepts to make learning applicable to situations and enable retention in the memory of the child.

The toddler programme is only an introduction to the school years ahead and we shall ensure a happy learning environment for the child. An engaging and experiential classroom shall enable a strong foundation for the young learner.

Assessments and observations shall be monitored and recorded on a regular basis. The same shall be shared with the parents for home support.


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