In addition to our mission, the aims and objectives of Cradle to Crayons can be enumerated as under:

  • To lay the foundation for lifelong learning
  • To implement a holistic approach within the pre – primary pedagogical process
  • To build on a child’s social and intercultural competencies
  • To help a child acquire rich oral language
  • To help a child to learn to socialise
  • To develop a child’s motor skills
  • To begin sensory, emotional, relational and intellectual development
  • To help learning through various activities that result in cultural awakening
  • To help in the overall development of the child’s personality
  • To develop numeracy skills along with phonic training and literacy
  • To help the creation of responsible and critical thinkers for tomorrow
  • To develop a loving, fun filled, secure, creative and stimulating environment
  • To provide an environment that encourages positive interaction
  • To add to a child’s joy through a caring and dedicated staff


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