Age: 3.6 – 4.5 years
Summer Timing: 08.30 hrs. to 12:30 hrs.
Winter Timing: 09:00 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.
Ability focus: Articulating thoughts through QCT, Story telling etc.
Picture reading to develop communication strategies
Predicting events
Presentation of tasks creatively
Participating in role plays
The Nursery program is from three and a half years to four and a half years. In this programme the child utilizes his absorptive capacities to take in the multitude of information available to him. The prepared environment makes it possible for him to expand and transfer his knowledge from the foundation of practical life and sensorial to the wider abstraction of knowledge. The child’s creative talent and knowledge are developed through the learning happening around and through other creative outlets like performing arts and fine arts. In all areas the child proceeds from concrete to abstract. To enhance this parameter of application of sensorial to the wider abstraction of learning we adopt methods like-
• Multiple intelligences development and more

A Day at CRADLE TO CRAYONS for the Nursery

In the receptive years the child has created a data base of vocabulary, cause and effect relations, some basic logical operations and created a knowledge base for themselves.

The day shall start with the calendar activity or a small discussion. Building upon their previous knowledge teachers shall set up learning activities to stimulate the mind. The day shall start with sequencing, sorting, memory games, mazes, group games, sight word card reading and /or recapitulating exercises.

Reading shall be a priority in this age group.

Assembly time shall be a time to gain confidence and learn presentation skills. Team work and collaboration are two areas that shall gain focus in the learning environment; simultaneously improving upon individual learning.

Music and Movement, dramatization, meditation and sensory integration shall continue to be an integrated part of the weekly plans.

In language children shall progress from letter recognition –> letter sound association –> blends –> CVC words –> sentences. Comprehension and grammar exercises shall be an ongoing part of the programme, language is an integral part of the learning process as it lays the foundation for other subject related learning; especially the Thematic exploration.

Assessments and observations shall be monitored and recorded on a regular basis.


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