Education Director’s Message

As a parent can one forget the first glimpse of ones child, as one adoringly holds it in ones arms. Oh! So carefully.

As growth happens and milestones are achieved the memory takes snapshots of the first smile, the first gurgle, the first step… and the first day in school.

From birth to the age of five, development in all areas is more rapid than at any other time in life. Nurturing guidance and attention to every part of a child’s development during this crucial stage helps them acquire compassion, independence, strength of character and a love of learning; qualities besides numeracy and reading proficiency, that are easy to take for granted but are crucial for success beyond pre – school.

A good wholesome approach to a balance in teaching of academics and play help to lay the foundation for a wide range of later developmental outcomes that matter, resulting in overall achievement in every phase of life.

Cradle to Crayons helps to understand a child’s needs and concerns and holds the child’s hand to help take that first step into the REAL world!

Welcome to Cradle to Crayons! A loving place! A caring abode.

Rupa Chakravarty


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