Admissions are based on availability of seat and determining by the staff that a child is ready to benefit from the environment. Prospective parents are requested to come for open house/days on earmarked Saturdays to ascertain whether their child’s reaction is indicative of his/her readiness to adapt to the school environment. A parent may attend the open days without and with their child on two Saturdays. This would be done throughout the year at the discretion of the school authorities. (Appointments are mandatory to avoid excessive adult presence in a class room).

Enrollment Process

  • In order to reserve a seat in a particular class the vacancy/availability in the class should be verified with the PRO/Admissions in charge.
  • On confirmation of availability of seat the enrolment form should be bought and the relevant process of admission initiated by filling the form and completing other formalities becomes mandatory.
  • On acceptance of the completed form by the PRO/admission in charge the parent may meet the head of school and have an interface with her.

All relevant documents are to be submitted to the PRO/ Admission in charge –

  • Birth certificate from the municipal corporation/ Government of India
  • Doctors fitness/ ailment certificate

On completion of all the fore-mentioned formalities the fees may be paid.

Reality Check

For reality check you need to visit the School to get real experience.

Parents and Guardians can tour the campus, interact with the admission in charge, obtain the required information about the school, visit the classes and meet the faculty.

The school is always pleased to receive enquiries from parents and encourages them to visit the school with their child.

Some of the guidelines one needs to follow for Admission:

  • Purchase the prospectus and application form.
  • Fill in the application form for registration.
  • Check the age chart as on 30th September of the year prior to joining.
  • Submit the application along with a copy of the birth certificate for ID.

If your child is admitted, necessary deposits and fees should be made immediately. Fees will be paid quarterly.

You may submit the fees after grant of admission, along with 4 passport size photographs. If applicable Transfer certificate from the previous school and medical certificate form duly filled, should also be submitted after grant of admission.


Application Forms for Admission to Cradle to Crayons can be obtained from the office of the Admission-in-charge or at the front desk in the school. (or can be downloaded )

During the pre enrolment interface with the Head of the school, the Pupil’s school records are reviewed and pertinent information gathered wherever applicable.


Parents or Guardians are required to notify the Principal in writing of the withdrawal of the student.

ONE month’s notice of withdrawal is required or the fee of a MONTH would be payable in lieu of the notice period.

Students Clearance forms would then be issued and must be completed prior to the release of school records. Following clearance and checkout, parents may pick up the Transfer Certificate and school records from the Remittance office for the concerned Pupil concerned.


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