About GRG

The GRG Group has flourished under the vision and leadership of our beloved chairman late Sri Gopi Ram Goenka (“Babuji”). Babuji was a man whose success was defined by his principles and his ability to touch and influence people lives. He was the key driving force to establish the entire Business Empire worldwide. Babuji invested not only in his Business but also in his people who committed their entire lifetime to this group.People referred to him as a “Karmayogi”, and there can be no word apt to describe this simple, straightforward human being that was Babuji. The word “Karmayogi” is a union of word “karma” which means “action” and “yoga” which means “union”. Thus a “Karmayogi” is one who focuses on the adherence to duty while remaining detached from the reward and fruit of his deeds. Babuji was a perfect example of this word as he performed all his work selflessly for the welfare of this world.


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